Henderson County Veterinary Hospital

PO Box 391
Athens, TX 75751



        July 3: Beat the Heat with Cool Cattle
      July 24: Body Condition Score

        August 3: Hay Testing
       August 17: Interpreting Hay Test Results

      September 4: Cattle Marketing
       September 11: Winter Feeding Budget
       September 19: Additional Hay Testing Recommendations
       September 25: Dallisgrass Poisoning

       October 2: Management of High Risk Calves 
                         New Use for Baytril 100

       October 12: High Risk Calf Feeding and Husbandry
       October 16: Fall Vaccine Recommendation (MLV vs Killed)
       October 23: Acorn Toxicity
       October 29: Animal Identification Requirements

      November 6: Benefits of Sex-Sorted Semen 
       November 20: Improving Calf Crop %- Part One
       November 27: Improving Calf Crop %- Part Two

     December 18: Open-Female Management Options
      December 27: Downer Cow Management