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Preventative Care of Cattle

Cows in field

Normal Vital Signs

Temperature: Up to one year of age: 101.5-103.5*F
                         Over one year of age: 100-102.5*F
Heart Rate: Calves: 100-120 beats per minute
                     Adult: 55-80 beats per minute
Respiration Rate: Calves: 15-40 breaths per minute
                                Adult: 10-30 breaths per minute

Note: Temperatures will normally fluctuate over the course of the day. The following may increase body temperature: time of day (pm), food intake, muscular activity, approaching estrus, during gestation, and high external temperatures. The following may decrease temperature: intake of large quantities of cool fluids, time of day (am), and low atmospheric temperature.

Bovine Vaccination Schedules
Ask a simple question and you can get a very complex answer. Writing a "typical" vaccination schedule for a herd of cattle is a complex process. Because cattle are used to serve various purposes for so many different people, we cannot offer a broad vaccination protocol for every cattle herd in the area. However, we will be more than happy to sit down with you and discuss the goals and purpose of your operation so that we can develop an appropriate vaccination protocol. Please contact us to set up a vaccination protocol for your herd.