Henderson County Veterinary Hospital

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Athens, TX 75751



January 3: Having an Enjoyable Operation
January 10: Replacement Female EPDs 
January 17: Umbilical Hernia or Umbilical Abscess?
January 24: Navel Ill
January 31: Pre-Breeding Bull Management

February 7: Use of Long Range Weather Forecasts
February 12: Using SPA to Increase Profitability
February 21: A Tale of Two Ranchers

March 1: Types of Downer Cows
March 7: Soil Sample
March 14: Lethal Recessive Genes
March 21: cwd in Cattle
March 28: Replacement Females- Part One

April 2: Cow-Calf Clinic
April 11: Replacement Females- Part Two
April 18: Replacement Females- Part Three
April 25: Replacement Females- Part Four

May 2: Replacement Females- Part 5
May 9: Building Soil Health
May 16: Breeds- Part One
May 21: Breeds- Part Two
May 29: Breeds- Part Three

June 6: Breeds- Part Four
June 13: Backgrounding Cattle
June 20: Load Lot Benefits- Part One
June 27: Load Lot Benefits- Part Two

July 3: Load Lot Benefits- Part Three
July 11: Load Lot Benefits- Part Four
July 18: Load Lot Marketing- Challenges
July 25: Overcoming Challenges- Part One

August 1: Overcoming Challenges- Part Two
August 7: Overcoming Challenges- Part Three
August 15: Google Docs
August 22: LONGRANGE Wormer
August 29: Replacement Females- Selection and Vaccination

September 5: Replacement Females- Winter Feeding
September 12: The "Waterline Principle"
September 18: Waterline Principle- Drought
September 26: Waterline Principle- Bulls

October 2: Waterline Principle- High Risk Calves
October 10: Waterline Principle- Loans
October 17: Waterline Principle- Withdrawal Time
October 24: Waterline Principle- Pelvic Area
October 31: Waterline Principle- Reproductive Tract Scoring

November 7: Waterline Principle- Internal Parasites
November 14: Waterline Principle- Methods of Deworming
November 21: Efficiency- Part One

December 5: Efficiency- Part Two
December 12: Efficiency- Part Three
December 19: Genomics