Henderson County Veterinary Hospital

PO Box 391
Athens, TX 75751




    January 4: Prolapse in Cattle
    January 11: Dystocia
    January 17: Newborn Calf Illness Prevention
    January 24: Treatment of Newborn Calf Illness
    January 31: Prevention of Respiratory Illness in Young Calves 
February 7: Breeding Season Tips- Bulls
    February 15: Trichomoniasis
    February 22: BCS- Reproductive Impact
March 1: Salt Consumption to Prevent Mg Deficiency
    March 7: LongRange Dewormer
    March 13: Angus Bulls for Sale
    March 15: Hereford Bulls for Sale
                     Maximizing Profitability of Your Cow Herd
    March 22: Angus Bulls for Sale
                     Increase Pounds of Calf Produced- Shorten Calving Season
    March 26: Using Terminal Sires and EPD's to Increase Pounds Produced
April 5: Herd-Health Program
    April 12: Implants
    April 18: Importance of Proper Fly Control
    April 26: Extending Grazing Season
May 2: Internal Parasite Control
    May 10: Alternatives to Pasture Fertilization
    May 17: Importance of Weed Control
    May 24: Profitability Recap
    May 31: Soil Quality
June 7: Beef Quality Assurance
    June 12: Management of Unproductive Cows
    June 21: Producing Optimum Cattle
    June 28: Choosing Cattle Based on EPD's
July 3: Treating Foot Infections in Cattle
    July 12: Is Bigger Always Better?
    July 17: Importance of Meat Withdrawal
    July 26: Reproductive Efficiency
August 1: Reduce Winter Feed Cost

    August 7: Foot Rot
   August 16:
Dallisgrass Poisoning
   August 20: Zilmax Ban
   August 30: Summer and Fall Reminders
September 6: Ball Clover
   September 13: Replacement Females
   September 20: Calf Crop % Economics
September 26: Operating Cost
October 4: Fixed Cost
   October 11: Marketing Tips
   October 18: Profitability Recap Part 2
   October 25: % Dam Weight Weaned
November 1: Selection Criteria- Replacement Females
   November 8: Standing Forage
   November 14: Bull Selection- Genotype
   November 20: Bull Selection- Phenotype
December 6: Long-Term Goals
   December 13: Economic Sustainability
   December 20: Marketing
   December 27: Operation Size and Type